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remove excess gigi wax

Do-It-Yourself Face and Body Hair Removal In this article, you will learn how to self-wax and keep that peach fuzz under control without the hassle of scheduling appointments, taking time off work or dealing with child care. We all want to look beautiful, but today's fast-paced life does not always allow time to focus on ourselves. The very thought of self-waxing can be overwhelming and out of the question. I have good news - in seven simple steps, you can learn the tricks of the trade. These professional techniques make the process of self-waxing manageable and convenient. The beauty industry offers several at-home waxing kits that will accommodate both the new and experienced user. Some of these at-home wax kits include Gigi, Satin Smooth, and Clean + Easy. They are convenient carry waxing kits that include everything you need for at-home waxing. Microwavable wax kits are best suited for the beginning waxer, while professional style wax warmer sets are available for those who have already mastered the skill of waxing. Many of these home-waxing kits come complete with: - Pre- and post-waxing solutions - Hair growth inhibitor cream - Calming lotion to help conceal redness of the skin Creme waxes are the best choice for hair removal, especially for use at home.

Cream textured wax is gentler on the skin and easier to clean up than the more commonly used honey wax. In addition to the products included in your wax kit, you will need cotton pads, eyebrow brush and scissors (for brow waxing), and tweezers. Prepare your skin before you begin waxing by cleansing and lightly exfoliating the skin where you want to remove the hair. By exfoliating the skin in this area, you will be removing the surface layer of dead skin cells enabling the wax to extract as much hair as possible. After cleansing and exfoliating, be sure to pat your skin dry and do not touch or add any other product. Keeping the surface of your skin dry and free of any dirt or oil will ensure better application and removal of the wax. If you have oily skin and start to experience a shine before spreading the wax on your skin, dry the surface by placing a very thin, translucent layer of baby powder. Next, set up your work area. Line up all of your products and supplies, and protect the surface of the area where you plan to perform the waxing.

If you do not have a solvent that will dissolve the wax, use a disposable drape in case of drips or spills. When using a microwavable wax, warm the wax in small increments. If not heated enough, the wax will be too thick and can cause excessive pulling of the skin. If overheated, the wax will burn the skin and possibly cause peeling. The desired consistency of the wax should resemble that of gravy. The seven basic rules of remove excess gigi wax apply to all areas of the body and face. These easy to follow steps will guide you through the hair removal process of waxing in a safe and professional manner. To further ensure your safety, begin waxing in small areas and take your time! 1. Create a flat surface by repositioning the area or using your hand to stretch the skin. 2. Apply the wax in a single, thin layer in the same direction as the growth of your hair. 3. Line the muslin or cloth strip so that there is enough free cloth at one end to grip and press strip against the waxed area.

4. While applying pressure, run your hand along the strip following in the same direction as the hair growth. 5. With one hand, hold the skin very taut and use the other hand to gently pull the strip back in one quick motion, parallel to the skin. DO NOT pull out or up as this may result in bruising! 6. Use a clean strip to remove any left over wax from the area just worked on. DO NOT wax over the same area twice as this could cause the skin to lift! 7. If there are stray hairs left over, pluck them out with tweezers. Once you have completed your waxing and tweezing, use a cotton pad saturated with the post wax solution to remove any residue.

Follow up with hair growth inhibitor cream and calming lotion. As you become more comfortable with waxing smaller areas of your body or face, you can take on the challenge of waxing larger surfaces. However, more advanced waxing in areas such as the bikini is a job best left for the professionals. Do only what you are comfortable with, and capable of so that you can keep your at-home waxing experience a positive one. Beauty does not have to be painful, time consuming, or expensive. With practice, and by following the above procedures, you can achieve success and discover your talent and ability to wax like a professional!


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